School Timetable

Morning Sessions Afternoon Sessions
8:45-8:55 Morning Learning 12:00  – 12:45 FS and KS1            12:15 -13:00 KS2 Lunch
8:55-9:00 Registration, School Starts 13:00-14:15 Afternoon Lessons, 1st Session
9:00-10:15 Morning Lessons, 1st Session 14:15-14:30 Afternoon Playtime
10:15-10:30 Morning Playtime 14:30-15:30 Afternoon Lessons, 2nd Session
10:30-12:00 (12.15 Key Stage 2) Morning Lessons, 2nd Session 15:30 School Day Ends

Out of School Club

Oxspring Primary School Breakfast Club and After School Club are an extended out of hours service which is available to all its pupils from 7:30 am until 8.45 am and 3:30 pm until 6:00 pm for 5 days a week, Monday to Friday during the school term. Should the school be closed for any reason (i.e. Inset Day) the Breakfast Club will also adhere to this closure. This club will be supervised by school staff and managed by Mrs H Rolling the Head Teacher of Oxspring Primary School. It is a very popular and well attended club. If you are interested in finding out further details, please read the Out of School Club booklet or contact Mrs Laslett in the school office.

Click here to download the OSC registration form.

School Uniform

The School Uniform list detailing our school uniform and PE kits can be downloaded by clicking this link.

School uniform can be ordered by clicking this link and can be delivered to school or your home.


Milk is free for any child under 5, until the beginning of the term in which the child has their 5th birthday. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact Mrs Laslett in the office.

School milk can be ordered from Cool Milk. Initially, children need to be registered and parents can choose to pay in advance termly or make an annual payment. Prices can be found on the school milk website. Any child in receipt of free school meals due to family income circumstances are also entitled to free school milk.

Please see the free school meals entitlement information above.

Click here to view a leaflet about school milk.

School Dinners

Thinking of switching your child from packed lunches to school meals? Then why not come along and have lunch with your child and see for yourself how great our school meals are!

Every day there is a choice between a traditional meal, a vegetarian alternative or a sandwich. In addition we provide jacket potatoes or pasta on alternate days.

All children in Key Stage 1 (Class 1 and 2) receive free school meals. If your child in Key Stage 2 would like a meal, this will cost £2.50 per day, payable weekly in advance. If you are interested please contact Mrs Laslett or Mrs Hampshire for more details.

Please see the Barnsley Schools Catering website for further details of weekly menus.

Free School Meals Entitlement

Please see the our pupil premium information sheet which outlines criteria for qualifying for free school meals.

Text and email service

In order to improve school to home communication, we use a texting service which enables us to let you know important information at the click of a button.

We need to keep mobile numbers up to date, so please visit the school office if you have got new contact details.

We also use email to inform parents of important news and updates, in addition to the regular updates on our website. We aim to send important letters and the weekly newsletter via email, so we can do our bit for the environment and save money on paper and printing inks!

Money saved will of course be spent on the most important people of all – the children!

Useful forms and documents

Here are some forms/ documents which you may find useful. Please note that we cannot accept completed forms by email. We need a paper copy please since many require a signature.

Request for leave of absence

If you wish your child to have leave of absence during term time you must complete the form below and hand it in to school.

Please note that if you go ahead with a holiday in term time when unauthorised, you may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice issued through the Local Authority. Per child, this will be £60 if paid within 21days; payment after this time but within 28 days is £120.

Click here to download the Leave of Absence form.


How to help prepare your children for school:

  • talking to your child about school
  • keeping us posted about major events in your child’s life outside school
  • making sure your child has all he or she needs for school
  • attending termly meetings with your child’s class teacher
  • helping your child with homework
  • letting us know when we get things right or wrong
  • making suggestions for improvements
  • joining the PTA  or the Parent Council
  • reading the weekly newsletter and all school letters and staying updated about school life
  • looking at class noticeboards
  • attending our many events in school e.g. concerts, assemblies, fairs, coffee mornings etc.
  • accompanying the children on educational visits
  • helping in school
  • being vigilant about suspicious people or things
  • providing us with up to date contact details for use in emergencies
  • filling in our annual questionnaire

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child is late to school?

Our school day starts at 8.55am and it is important that the children arrive at school on time to begin their lessons promptly.  All late arrivals must be recorded and should report to the school office to sign in and order a lunch.

If my child is late, will they still get a school lunch?

If you know your child is going to be late into school but they will arrive before lunchtime and wish to order a school lunch, please phone the office before 10am.  After this time, lunches will have been ordered from our school kitchen and children will only be able to order a sandwich.

What if my child is ill?

If your child is ill, please telephone the office before 10am to notify school of a reason for absence.  Any unexplained absences will be recorded as unauthorised but, once the registers have been completed, the office will telephone parents/carers to investigate absences of which they have not been notified.  Please help by letting us know as soon as possible once you know your child is going to be absent.

What if my child has an appointment out of school?

If you need to take your child to an appointment during the school day, please notify the office. Your child will need to be signed out and signed back in again on their return to school at the office.  If at all possible, please try and make appointments out of school hours.

OFSTED Parent View

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School Motto: "Learn, Endeavour, Aspire, Respect, Nurture."