Class 1 – Mark Making Meerkats (template 2)

Mark Making Meerkats


Mrs N. Reeve / Mrs A. Tomlinson

Teaching assistants

Mrs J. Morakabiyan / Mrs A Rowe

Additional text may be added here. This can be useful for drawing attention to new items or providing links to documents that might not be relevant to the main section on the right.

(The main difference between this and template 1 is the absence of the large banner picture at the top of the page. This might be necessary if we don’t have enough class photos the create the montage or we don’t have a single image of good enough to fit across the whole page.)

All the elements you see on this template can be added to the other templates if required.

This will be the main introduction to the page and will possibly outline the curriculum for the year group(s).

Exmples of work can also be added in a slideshow as seen below. If there is a need for more pictures then we can create a new page specifically for the class.

The gallery or slideshow below should have no more that 15 pictures in order to reduce load times for visitors. Any more than this might cause problems for people with a poor internet connection or using mobile phones which aren’t connected to wi-fi.


A new section

New sections will have a heading like the one above featuring the class character. The image is provisional – we may find a better one or you may have a preference.

A new block

Smaller blocks can also be added.

Another block

In this template there are effectively 3 columns so you can split this section on the right into two. It isn’t necessarily a good idea unless you have two blocks to provide balance.

…And this is just another row of plain text.