Pupil Parliament

Pupil Voice at Oxspring Primary School grows louder and clearer with a newly elected Pupil Parliament.

 A new Pupil Parliament has been formed at Oxspring Primary School and newly elected pupil MPs are ready to begin their important work representing the views and opinions of all the pupils in our school.

“This is a direct development from our school council and moves pupil voice to a higher level by offering opportunities for young people to take on more responsibility in terms of leadership and consultation.” Mrs S Irwin Headteacher

The aim of the Pupil Parliament is to provide pupils with a greater understanding of how Parliament goes about its business, the work of MPs and what it means to represent others. Our Parliament also creates an opportunity for older pupils to engage and represent the views and voice of pupils who do not as yet, have the confidence or language to express their suggestions and opinions.

“It was so heartening to see so many pupils in Years 5 and 6 willing to stand as candidates and we were so impressed with the quality and depth of their written manifesto statements describing what they would bring to the role and which class they were willing to represent.” Mrs P Heggie Chair of Governors

Thursday 5 October 2017 was designated by the school to be the official voting day and every pupil was invited to vote for a candidate whose name was anonymous so that voting was on the strength and depth of their manifesto statement. Ballot boxes, voting slips and voting booths to ensure privacy were organised.

The Pupil Parliament will now:

  • Agree on its way of working and create a Code of Conduct for all MPs to abide by and how they will represent their constituents (class)
  • Meet monthly and every other alternative week MPs meet their constituents in their class ( Surgeries) and each class has a Voice Box for pupils to put their ideas and suggestions so that their MPs can consider these for taking to the PP.
  • Begin to mirror aspects of how Parliament carries out its work such as the introduction of Green Papers (ideas and suggestions) and White Papers (agreeing action and amending) before ratification by HT and governors (House of Lords).
  • Elect a Leader of the House. (Chairperson)
  • Invite the Leader of House to address the school at Assembly to share the Parliament’s purpose for the coming year and how each MP will support and represent the class which elected them.

Everyone at school is very excited by this development as it truly offers opportunities for our young people to have a voice and to be involved in broader areas of responsibilities throughout the school.