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Class 2 – The Reasoning Rhinos

Super Sentence Starfish

Years 1 and 2


Miss S. Grobler

Teaching assistants

Mrs G. McMath

Welcome to Class Two! Or as we are known around Oxspring Primary, the Reasoning Rhinos!

I would like to introduce myself as I begin my new teaching position at Oxspring Primary. My name is Miss Grobler, and I have recently finished my primary education training. I have worked at different schools around Penistone, and even went to Oxspring Primary when I was a child! I am very passionate about education, and have always enjoyed working with children and watching them grow.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs McMath. We are excited to continue our learning this half term with our topic, ‘Royal Rumble’ after the success of our mini history topic, The Great Fire of London! Historical figures and periods will guide our learning this half term, including our history, literacy and art lessons. We will read stories such as the Queen’s Knickers, and enjoy playing in exploring role play castle and castle small world. Our classroom environment encourages independent learning with various challenge areas, whilst still having elements of play.

I am very excited to continue teaching your children. As always, if you have any concerns about your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



This half term we are really looking forward to welcoming the Year One and Two children into our class. We hope the children will settle quickly into the new school year and enjoy their time in Class Two. We will be encouraging the children to be independent learners by having different sections in the classroom such as writing, maths and creative areas where children will be encouraged to choose equipment needed and to collaborate with others in order to complete the task. Some activities will also take place outside in order to enhance children’s learning experiences.

We hope your child enjoys their time in school this year, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.