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Class 1 – The Counting Crocodiles

Mark Making Meerkats

Foundation Stage 2 and Year 1


Mrs N. Reeve / Mrs A. Tomlinson

Teaching assistants

Mrs J. Morakabiyan  / Mrs A. Carmichael

Welcome to the Counting Crocodiles. After a fantastic first term we are all looking forward to more exciting and interesting topics throughout the year.

Mrs Tomlinson will be teaching the class on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesday afternoons. Mrs Reeve will be in class Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Wednesday afternoons. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Morakabyian and  Mrs Carmichael. Other helpers include Mrs Lloyd and Miss Logan.

With the new starters fully settled in and lovely friendships formed we very much look forward to our next topic which will be ‘Pets’. We will be learning about different types of pets and how we look after them. We are sure that the children will greatly enjoy sharing their own knowledge and experiences of having pets as well as learning from their friends about other animals. Again we have lots of interesting and exciting activities planned, such as making a pet shop and vets in the role play area.