Class 1 – Australian Koalas

Mark Making Meerkats

Foundation Stage 2 and Year 1


Mrs N. Reeve / Mrs A. Tomlinson

Teaching assistants

Miss A. Shaw  / Mrs A. Carmichael /  Mrs West

Class One – The Australian Koalas

Welcome to the Australian Koalas. We are greatly looking forward to another exciting year and our new starters are already settling into school life.

Mrs Tomlinson will be teaching the class on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesday mornings. Mrs Reeve will be in class Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Wednesday mornings. Our main teaching assistants are Mrs Shaw, Mrs West and Mrs Carmichael. We are fortunate that other staff in school will also be supporting the class at different times through the week.

Our first topic will be Ourselves, followed by Traditional Tales.